Inside the Artist’s Studio with Victoria Connors: Fiber Art

Growing up in the Finger Lakes, the regional terrain has shown me the peace and beauty of nature. I have always enjoyed the process of creating, using landscape and surrealism as my main passions for expression.

I was first introduced to fiber arts and needle felting in June 2014 while volunteering in Rochester.  I saw an inspiring felting demonstration, and from there I began creating my own needle felt paintings and pushing myself to new limits with this medium.


Needle felting is the process of taking wool and slight stabbing it with felting needles to make felt. I first lay down the dyed wool into the design I want over a piece of prefelt (often wet felted wool), then with the felting needles I begin to slight stab and push the wool down in the felt which flattens it.


I use layers of wool and wet felting to give more dimension to my pieces. My  fiber art creations combine the skills I’ve learned from oil landscape painting and creating felt hats.


These different techniques have led me to use fiber as a painting medium that combines texture in 2-D and 3-D dimensional forms, giving my arts its own unique appearance.


I’m inspired by the landscapes in my local community, mostly scenes from Cayuga, Seneca, and Canandaigua Lake. Hay bales, country atmospheres and my own life experiences, have all influenced my artwork.

winter hay bales, lodi

Nature is my center and capturing the beauty of nature is my mediation. I do as much of my landscape outside in the very environment that I am capturing. I plan to keep pushing my boundaries of needle felting by doing more large scale felts that highlight 3-d relief aspects with striking details.

Follow Victoria’s artwork on Facebook. Stop by Main Street Arts to see her artwork in our current exhibition, Fifty Landscapes (runs through May 13). Take a look at our previous Inside the Artist’s Studio blog post by KaKeART Collaborations.

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