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Pictographic Prints by Mike Goscinsky

Rochester printmaker Mike Goscinsky currently has a solo show Upstairs at Main Street Arts featuring his pictographic woodcut prints.

Mike Goscinsky, "The Dog Builders", woodcut on paper

Mike Goscinsky, “The Dog Builders”, woodcut on paper

Mike’s work consists of woodcut prints and drawings featuring fantastical imagery of animals and pictographs. His woodcut prints are incredibly detailed. You can really see how much time he spent carefully crafting each one!

Mike Goscinsky, "The Zebra Builder", woodcut on paper

Mike Goscinsky, “The Zebra Builder”, woodcut on paper

Mike Goscinsky, "The Lion Builder", woodcut on paper

Mike Goscinsky, “The Lion Builder”, woodcut on paper

There are two series in this show. The first, The Animal Builders, depict mythical creatures known as elementals. Elementals are invisible beings in nature who are responsible for building all creatures from land, air, and sea.

Mike’s second body of work, The Pictographic series uses Asian characters along with images of the animals described by the character.

Mike Goscinsky, "Aquadic Echoes II", woodcut on rice paper

Mike Goscinsky, “Aquadic Echoes II”, woodcut on rice paper

Main Street Arts is hosting a free woodcut printmaking demo by Mike Goscinsky tomorrow, October 18, 2014 at 2pm. Absolutely free, no registration necessary. Just stop by the gallery at 2pm!

Watch Mike go through the steps of printing one of his incredibly detailed woodcut images, in the midst of his solo exhibition upstairs at Main Street Arts. He will talk about his ideas and process, and will be on hand to answer questions about both!

Exhibition Dates: October 3–November 29, 2014