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Small Works: A National Juried Exhibition of Artwork 12″ or Less

Join us for the opening of our Small Works exhibition, Saturday, November 8, 4–7p.m!

129 works of art by 90 artists from across the country.

129 works of art by 90 artists from across the country.

Small Works includes 129 works of art, 12″ or less, in a variety of media by 90 artists from across the country. $1,000 in cash awards will be announced at the opening.

Exhibition Dates: November 8–December 29, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 8, 4–7p.m.

Artists included:
Atsuko Chirikjian, Alice Chen, Anne Punzi, Brock Flamion, Brad Daruszka, Bethany Haeseler, Carol Acquilano, Cheryl Dawdy, Chalda Maloff, Colleen Pendry, Cathleen Ryan, Craig Wilson, Doug Frohman, Domingo Parada, Denise VanDeroef, Elizabeth Andrews, Fumiko Kashiwagi, George Lorio, Gabriella Soraci, Geoffrey Stein, George Wallace, Harriet Heller, Hannah Lightbody, Ileen Kaplan, Judi Cermak, Julian Cartwright, JoAnn Gentle, Justyn Iannucci, Jennifer Kotler, James Mai, Jacquelyn O’Brien, Jim Pearson, John Ruggles, Joe Tarantelli, Jane Zich, Katherine Baca, Kathryn Bevier, Kristine DeNinnio, Katelyn Jurney, Kevin Stuart, Kenneth Townsend, Lauren Furushima, Lanna Pejovic, Larry Poole, Katharine Wood, Mary Begley, Madalyn LaCava, Maria Victoria Savka, Marissa Tirone, Mari Takagi, Michele Vair, Margaret Wilson, Mark Zeh, Nancy Hicks, Namdoo Kim, Owen Karrel, Phyllis Bryce Ely, Peter Bucklin, Paige Kleinfelder, Patti Miskell, Peter Russom, Robert Fiacco, Ryan Hoevenaar, Ryosuke Kumakura, Roberta Kappel, Rebecca Strohm, Rikki Van Camp, Sarah Arditti, Sara Basher, Sage Churchill-Foster, Samara Doumnande, Sofie Hodara, Susan Kaye, Stephen Komp, Stacy Liberati, Shannon McDonell, Simone Ochrym, Steven Piotrowski, Sean M. Witucki, Taylor Kennedy, Trisha Max, Terry Oakden, Trina Smith, Virginia Cassetta, Vincent Leandro, Vanessa Rivera, William Barkin, William Holowka, Yoon Jee Kwak, Zach Dietl

This is our first national juried exhibition and we can’t wait to see all of the work up on Main Street Arts’ walls! Stay tuned for more information about Small Works, as well as images of select pieces.

A Studio Visit with Ceramic Artist, Peter Pincus

Main Street Arts did a studio visit this week with Peter Pincus, a Rochester-based ceramics artist with an upcoming solo exhibition in our main gallery space. “Sleep, In Spite of the Storm” will feature Pincus’ functional and nonfunctional geometric-patterned ceramics.

Peter Pincus and his assistants, Hannah Thompsett and Liz Tomlinson

Peter Pincus and his assistants, Liz Tomlinson (left) and Hannah Thompsett (right)

Sleep, In Spite of The Storm, celebrates the intimate relationship. On view will be porcelain pots and vessels, which are in this case presented as a collection of sculptural groupings. He says, “It’s a unique challenge to consider pottery as a premier form of abstract expression, carrying with it much more than the ability to contain and serve. This show is strongly autobiographical in nature. My goal is for these pots to be concrete reflections of my experience as a husband, father, early career artist and educator. It is uncommon ground and has made my recent months in the studio thrilling and captivating.”

Studio assistant and artist, Hannah Thompsett

Studio assistant and artist, Hannah Thompsett

Studio assistant and artist, Liz Tomlinson

Studio assistant and artist, Liz Tomlinson

Peter Pincus

Peter Pincus at work in his studio

Peter Pincus and his ceramics

Peter Pincus handling his ceramic works

Exhibition Dates: July 12–August 29, 2014

Artist Talk: Saturday, July 12, 2014 3pm-4pm
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 12, 2014, 4pm–7pm

Gallery Hours: TuesdayThursday, 11am–6pm and FridaySaturday, 11am–7pm.

Peter Pincus' upcoming exhibition, "Sleep, In Spite of the Storm"

Peter Pincus’ upcoming exhibition, “Sleep, In Spite of the Storm” features functional and nonfunctional ceramics with geometric patterns

“Birds in Nature” – Wood Sculpture by Don Howell & Paintings by Mark Stash

Birds in Nature is one of our current exhibits at Upstairs Main Street. Don Howell’s brightly colored bird carvings and Mark Stash’s  tightly rendered watercolor and gouache paintings interplay, combining 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works in a complementary way.

Mark Stash, Feeding at Fallen Tree, watercolor & gouache

Mark Stash, Feeding at Fallen Tree, watercolor & gouache

Don Howell, Eclectic Parrot, wood carving

Don Howell, Eclectic Parrot, wood carving

These two artists may work in different mediums, but their appreciation of nature ties their work together. Both Stash and Howell’s depictions of birds allow us to appreciate their presence in the natural world surrounding us.

Stop by to see the show! These carvings and paintings should really be viewed in person to fully appreciate their vibrant colors and detailing.

Exhibition Dates: June 6–July 26, 2014