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Inside the Artist’s Studio with Lynne Feldman

I have been making art my whole life.  One of my earliest memories is of going with my parents to Atlantic City, where someone gave me a piece of hard candy in a beautiful foil wrapper.  I saved the wrapper, brought it home, pasted it down and drew a head arms and legs on it.  I made my first collage at three years old.

Lynne Feldman

Lynne Feldman

Lynne Feldman, Lighting the Candles, acrylic paint and fabric on canvas,  36" x 40"

Lynne Feldman, Lighting the Candles, acrylic paint and fabric on canvas, 36″ x 40″

My parents were both artists. My dad was a writer for TV and my mother had been a singer prior to marriage, with an operatic voice.  My creativity was always encouraged and my art classes began at age four.  I grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan so I had access to museums and good art schools.  There were young children’s classes at the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum in those days.

I received my first set of oil paints at around eight years old. It was a  paint by number set, but my parents did not allow me to use the image with the numbers on the front of the canvas board, I had to use the back (this was fine with me).   I fell in love with oils then.  When I was twelve, I began more serious art training at The Art Students League on West 57th street.   I drew and painted  there from the model  for fifteen years: life drawing classes in charcoal and painting in oils.

Lynne Feldman at work

Lynne Feldman at work

I painted in oils for forty years, and then took a week long summer workshop at Bennington College in Vermont.  That class changed my life. The title of the class was painting with fabric. I was introduced to the concept of gluing fabrics directly onto the canvas.  Because the glue was water based, I had to learn to paint in acrylics.  I had always integrated patterns and design into my paintings so it seemed such a natural transition to actually use fabrics with pattern directly on my paintings.



Many different types of fabrics

Many different types of fabrics

It was hard to put my oils away after all that time but I was developing some respiratory issues and basically needed an excuse to find a different medium to work in.   This was perfect.  I absolutely fell in love with it.  I stretch a canvas, plan a composition in charcoal, do a rough painting in acrylics, and then begin the gluing and painting process on top. My collage/paintings can take from a month to a year to complete.  I love every minute of the process.


Lynne Feldman, "At the Waterfall", acrylic paint and fabric on canvas, 36" x 40"

Lynne Feldman, “At the Waterfall”, acrylic paint and fabric on canvas, 36″ x 40″

For more information on Lynne Feldman you can visit her website at http://lynnefeldman.com. Or stop by the gallery to see her work in our current exhibition, The Assembled Image.

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The Assembled Image

Get ready for our upcoming exhibition, The Assembled Image. The Assembled Image is an exhibition featuring collage and artwork inspired by collage. The artists included in this exhibition make artwork by assembling various individual pieces to make a cohesive whole, and each artist has their own connection to the notion of collage.

The Assembled Image at Main Street Arts

The Assembled Image at Main Street Arts. Left to right: Denton Crawford, St. Monci, Andrea Pawarski, Lynne Feldman, and Gerald Mead

Artists include: Denton Crawford, Lynne Feldman, Gerald Mead, Andrea Pawarski, and St. Monci.

Exhibition Dates: March 7–April 30, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 7, 4-7pm

For more information, check out our Facebook event page: The Assembled Image Opening Reception