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Inside the Artist’s Studio with Samantha Stumpf: A Little Bit of Process…

The studio of Sam Stumpf

My studio

I thought I would share with you a look into my studio and a bit about the process of making the sets of tableware now available in Main Street Arts’ online gallery shop.  My studio is currently located in the Susan B. Anthony  district in  downtown Rochester. I really do love my studio,  the city skyline is quite compelling in every season.

For the tableware sets, I thought I would work with porcelain not just for the challenge but also for the lovely qualities that the clay offers. I wanted a simple yet beautiful surface for my brushwork surface decoration.   All of these pieces are handmade on the potters wheel. Thrown with english porcelain,  each piece is then stamped with the Main Street Arts Gallery logo.  Once they are through the first firing I apply a clear base glaze followed with  several oxide washes to create the brushwork patterns on the surface.  I enjoy the intuitive and playfulness of each mark.  After  applying the wash they are fired to 2232 degrees fahrenheit  in an electric kiln for the final firing.

All of these sets are exclusively for Main Street Arts. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Sam Stumpf

Applying cobalt wash

Sam Stumpf

Loading into the glaze kiln

Sam Stumpf

After the glaze firing

Signature tableware series by Sam Stumpf

…it could be yours


View and purchase the different series in the online gallery shop!

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