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October/November Exhibitions Upstairs at Main Street Arts

This is the last week to see the current exhibitions Upstairs at Main Street Arts. Stop by before the 29th to catch these four shows!

Rand Darrow's Puppets

Rand Darrow’s Puppets

The Northern Winds: Paintings and Puppets from the Imaginative Mind of Rand Darrow

An illustrated series of Russian folklore and fantasy,
including Chagall inspired paintings, puppets, and more.

Mike Goscinsky, "The Dog Builders", woodcut on paper

Mike Goscinsky, “The Dog Builders”, woodcut on paper

Pictographic Prints by Mike Goscinsky

An exhibit of woodcut prints and drawings featuring fantastical imagery of animals and pictographs.

Dennis Revitzky, "Tangled Trees, Mendon Ponds", oil & mixed media on canvas

Dennis Revitzky, “Tangled Trees, Mendon Ponds”, oil & mixed media on canvas

Paintings and Prints by Dennis Revitzky

A selection of Revitzky’s landscape paintings and prints
from Rochester, the Finger Lakes area, and beyond.

Adrian Vanden Bout and Samantha Stumpf

Adrian Vanden Bout and Samantha Stumpf

Setting the Table: Ceramics by Samantha Stumpf and Furniture by Adrian Vanden Bout

A pairing of rustic handmade furniture and original ceramic tableware.