Paintings and Prints by Dennis Revitzky

Rochester printmaker Dennis Revitzky has a solo show featuring landscape paintings and prints from Rochester, the Finger Lakes area, and beyond, Upstairs at Main Street Arts! His wooded landscapes feature beautiful pinks, purples, and greens that look great in the gallery space.

"Paintings and Prints by Dennis Revitzky"

“Paintings and Prints by Dennis Revitzky”

Dennis Revitzky’s paintings and prints have strong natural elements. Tangled trees, winding streams, and cliffside villages are a common sight in his work.

Dennis Revitzky, "Tangled Trees, Mendon Ponds", oil & mixed media on canvas

Dennis Revitzky, “Tangled Trees, Mendon Ponds”, oil & mixed media on canvas

Prints by Dennis Revitzky

Prints by Dennis Revitzky

Paintings and prints by Dennis Revitzky

Paintings and prints by Dennis Revitzky

Make sure to stop by to see Dennis’ incredible monoprints and paintings in person! You can see more information on the exhibitions Upstairs at Main Street Arts here.

Exhibition Dates: October 3–November 29, 2014

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