Inside the Artist’s Studio with Kristen T. Woodward

Lucky foot (except for the rabbit)

A native of Rochester NY, I’m delighted to have the opportunity to exhibit my work at Main Street Arts. On display in the current Flora and Fauna exhibition are 16  encaustic paintings on wooden panels. The imagery involves abstracted animal forms, often referencing parables and children’s games.

Donkey Games

A small installation in the show also features a full scale deer target and small paintings on Black Forest carved antler plaques.

 painting on antler plaque

Painting on Black Forest carved antler plaque

While on a trip to Germany as a visiting artist last fall I encountered these plaques which included antlers from Roe deer. I found them beautiful and fascinating, and thought they would make provocative supports for small paintings that explored landscape and our sensory relationship to the natural world.

Can you guess whose lips served as a model?

All things are possible, 14x17, mixed media on wood

All things are possible, 14×17, mixed media on wood

As a Professor of Art at Albright College in Reading, PA I teach a wide variety of painting and printmaking processes, but of late I have been personally attracted to the encaustic medium (download my encaustic recipe).

wax in solid form

wax in solid form

This image shows the refined beeswax from an art supply store (it comes yellow or white) next to an unmodified block from a local beekeeper. The local brown block contains a good bit of slub gum, an impurity (bee poop).

encaustic cans on a hot plate

encaustic cans

This last image shows a skillet filled up with a bunch of small mixed colors. I have another skillet for just white and soy wax, which is used for cleaning some of the wax out of the brushes.

I’m also actively writing short reviews for
You can see my artist2artist page here.

Stop by Main Street Arts to see Kristen’s work in our current exhibition, Flora and Fauna. The exhibition is up through Friday, February 12. Take a look at our previous Inside the Artist’s Studio blog post by watercolor artist E.L. Ryan.

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