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Meet the Artist in Residence: Victoria Lee Connors

Victoria Connors is an artist in residence at Main Street Arts! She’s working in one of our two studio spaces July through August 2016 (you can stop by the gallery to see her studio and work in progress). We asked Victoria a few questions about her artwork, life, and more:

Q: To start this off, would you tell us about your background?

A: I am originally from Rochester, NY, but have lived all over the Finger lakes from Canandaigua to the Ithaca area. I’ve always enjoyed the creative process starting with my first painting at the age of two.  I have been an oil painter most of my life, painting local landscapes as well as making some surreal art. I was first introduced to fiber arts while making felted hats in the Rochester area, and I learned about needle felting while volunteering in Rochester in 2014. I went to a  needle felting demo and the rest is history. By the winter of 2015 my main focus became needle felt paintings, as I feel this is my calling.

Felt painting by Victoria Connors

Q: How would you describe your work?

A: I like to see my work as a reflection of the connection I have with nature.  I find inspiration in chasing sunsets and exploring the Finger Lakes region.  I started doing more plein air felting to capturing the beauty in nature that I experience. You can’t get any more of a natural medium than wool and alpaca.

Victoria Connors felting in nature

Victoria Connors felting in nature

Felting gives a sense of texture and depth that couldn’t be captured in oil paint.  My felt paintings are a combination of 2D and 3D art elements, giving my artwork its own unique look and texture.  I enjoy felting as it’s more forgiving than oil painting, but more tedious when it comes to details and color palette.

Q: What is your process for creating a work of art?

A: One of the most important parts of my process is experiencing a beautiful moment to capture. I often drive around the Finger Lakes for hours looking for a lovely place to plein air felt.  If it’s somewhere I’m unable to felt (such as an abandoned building) then it’s safer to take a picture. I go into much more detail of my felt painting in my Inside the Artist’s Studio blog post!

Q: What are your goals for this residency? Tell us about your current projects.

A: My biggest goal to is help bring fiber arts into the spot light. I feel like fiber art is just starting to enter the mainstream art world. I plan to host another felt painting landscape class.  I also plan to take full advantage of this space and work on large scale felt paintings and more 3D sculptures.


I have a few surreal felt paintings I am working on as well.  With these I plan to push my limits with relief needle felting.


Q: What’s next for you?

A: I have several art festivals lined up for this year and plan to eventually expand out of state. I will be at Sonnenberg Arts in the  Garden and Clothesline Arts Festival. Next year I’m planning on showing at more art festivals and galleries around the Philadelphia area. I have recently worked on some art installations that will be on display at the Finger Lakes Grassroots Music Fest.

Victoria Connors leading a felting workshop at Main Street Arts. More workshops with Victoria will be announced soon!

Victoria Connors led an exciting felting workshop at Main Street Arts. More workshops with Victoria will be announced soon!

Q: Where can we find you?

You can view my work online at, on Facebook as Victoria Connors Felt Art, and on Instagram @victoria_connors_feltart. You can see my upcoming show announcements on my website and Facebook.

Are you an artist looking for new opportunities? Apply for a residency at Main Street Arts! Artists in residence will have 24-hour access to a large studio on our second floor (with great natural light), the option to show work in the gallery, and the opportunity to teach paid workshops. Submissions are reviewed and awarded on an ongoing basis.

Inside the Artist’s Studio with Victoria Connors: Fiber Art

Growing up in the Finger Lakes, the regional terrain has shown me the peace and beauty of nature. I have always enjoyed the process of creating, using landscape and surrealism as my main passions for expression.

I was first introduced to fiber arts and needle felting in June 2014 while volunteering in Rochester.  I saw an inspiring felting demonstration, and from there I began creating my own needle felt paintings and pushing myself to new limits with this medium.


Needle felting is the process of taking wool and slight stabbing it with felting needles to make felt. I first lay down the dyed wool into the design I want over a piece of prefelt (often wet felted wool), then with the felting needles I begin to slight stab and push the wool down in the felt which flattens it.


I use layers of wool and wet felting to give more dimension to my pieces. My  fiber art creations combine the skills I’ve learned from oil landscape painting and creating felt hats.


These different techniques have led me to use fiber as a painting medium that combines texture in 2-D and 3-D dimensional forms, giving my arts its own unique appearance.


I’m inspired by the landscapes in my local community, mostly scenes from Cayuga, Seneca, and Canandaigua Lake. Hay bales, country atmospheres and my own life experiences, have all influenced my artwork.

winter hay bales, lodi

Nature is my center and capturing the beauty of nature is my mediation. I do as much of my landscape outside in the very environment that I am capturing. I plan to keep pushing my boundaries of needle felting by doing more large scale felts that highlight 3-d relief aspects with striking details.

Follow Victoria’s artwork on Facebook. Stop by Main Street Arts to see her artwork in our current exhibition, Fifty Landscapes (runs through May 13). Take a look at our previous Inside the Artist’s Studio blog post by KaKeART Collaborations.