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"Into the Wood (Autumn)"

Inside the Artist’s Studio with Lanna Pejovic

Throughout my life as an artist/painter, I have found my inspiration in the world of nature. The places I prefer as a source for motifs are the places that I can experience continually, such as the view from my house and studio windows or a park or special garden close by that I visit all the time in every season and light. I live in a village surrounded by fields and woods with gentle hills and four seasons in a year.

My backyard

View of my backyard with studio on left


Gouache sketch

I most often paint in cycles where I concentrate on one of “my” places for a while in a series of works and then move  to another motif. There is usually overlap and a cycling back toward previous motifs. Discoveries in each cycle inspire future series.  I swing between abstraction and naturalism and I often paint and draw on location. My on location paintings are a way of building up a memory of landscape but as finished paintings can become too burdened by information. I prefer to have time to reflect and distill so I often work over the outdoor version in the studio. It can become a finer reflection or a reflection of a different experience, such as the painting below, “Winter Garden”.

garden shed at Linwood Gardens

Photo of Linwood Garden shed

Winter in the Garden

A summer plein air version that got a winter makeover

What I respond to in the space surrounding me is the light and color first and then the structure of the trees. I love trees and experience them as living architecture. I can imagine them breathing when I walk through the woods. They also remind me of the great church architecture of Gothic Europe.

Birdsong Trail at MMP

Birdsong Trail at Mendon Ponds Park

Birdsong Trail at MPP sketch

Drawing made at Birdsong Trail location

Below, the painting The Listener is a studio invention that alludes to time passing, night/day and again…I find winter more evocative.

The Listener 1MB copy

“The Listener”

To conclude my post, I am back at my studio with a photo of a winter sunset seen through a window.


Winter scene from the studio window

Lanna Pejovic is one of eight gallery artists represented by Main Street Arts. She is featured in the exhibition CULTIVATE which runs April 7 through May 18, 2018. More information about Lanna and her work can be found on our website. View more pieces by Lanna Pejovic on the gallery’s Artsy page.

Inside The Artist’s Studio with Lanna Pejovic

Hello from Lanna and thank you Main Street Arts for inviting me to write a blog in conjunction with the current Fifty Landscapes exhibit.   I am included with three paintings and this is my first blog post – ever!

I would like to give you a little insight into my working process by showing you a couple of stages in the evolution of one of the paintings in this show, “Wooded Path (Hide and Seek).

Wooded Path (Hide and Seek)

Wooded Path (Hide and Seek)

When I start a painting my visual concept is not set, so I don’t know how it will look in the end or when it will be finished.  I am usually focused on a theme but each painting is like a conversation that uncovers the possibilities as it goes along.

A walk, or a new day can change the course of a painting, kind of like making a soup…….. depends on what you happen to have in the fridge on a given day!  It is a constant renewal.

 Here are two states of Wooded Path (Hide and Seek).

Left: an early stage; Right: a middle stage

Left: an early state                                                                 Right: a middle state

Landscape is an all-inclusive experience for me.  I feel very aware of my presence in a space; that I am surrounded by light, sound, texture, color, the mood of the day, my memories.  I would like my landscape paintings to convey the sense of being “in” a place rather than looking “at” a place.

I use the landscape in which I live as my source for imagery and this particular theme,  a path through arching trees has been occupying me for a while now.  It keeps unfolding and I find it continually interesting to work with.  The place that started this theme is close to my home, a trail in Mendon Ponds Park where I often walk.

Birdsong Trail in Spring

Birdsong Trail in Spring

I like to sketch and draw on location.  It is a meditation on space for me and this is when I absorb and store the motifs I like to work with.

Here is a drawing I made in this particular part of the park.

charcoal drawing

charcoal drawing

Before I close, here is a little background information about me.  I was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now Serbia) and emigrated to the Rochester area with my family when I was 9 years old.  I always wanted to be an artist and so I started studying art early on and all the way through college and have been making art ever since.

 For my next post I will show you more of my process and current work.

Stop by Main Street Arts to see Lanna’s artwork in our current exhibition, Fifty Landscapes (runs through May 13). View her work online at Take a look at our previous Inside the Artist’s Studio blog post by photographer Carl Chiarenza.