Inside the Artist’s Studio with Meredith Mallwitz

After the Rain 24"x24"

After the Rain 24″x24″

Where are you from?  Canandaigua, NY

How long have you been making artwork?  My entire life.  I grew up with creative parents and grandparents, thus, exploring my creativity was always something that was encouraged in my household growing up.

Did you go to art school?  I attended The Art institute of Boston, California College of Arts and Scuola Lorenzo de Medici, Art Institute of Florence, Italy

What style of artwork do you create?  Impressionist style landscapes

What medium do you use?  Acrylic on canvas and wood panel

What are you trying to communicate with your work?  Light, energy & emotion

Where else can we find you?

Instagram:  @mmallwitz

My studio/work space

My studio/work space

This series, completed in the spring of 2015, was inspired by a wonderful Mother’s Day spent galavanting around the Finger Lakes with my family.  My mother has a keen eye and strong  appreciation for natures simple beauty and the day did not disappoint.  The light dramatically changed with each passing rainstorm and the warmth of the air, the smell of the rain and the palette of springs new growth provided me with the energy and direction to complete these works.

Morning Dew 24"x24"

Morning Dew 24″x24″

Warmth of the Sun 24"x24"

Warmth of the Sun 24″x24″

Memories of a Season 24"x24"

Memories of a Season 24″x24″

Stop by Main Street Arts to see Meredith’s artwork in our current exhibition, Fifty Landscapes (runs through May 13). Take a look at our previous Inside the Artist’s Studio blog post by printmaker and painter Dennis Revitzky.

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